MyMiner project


The goal of this application is to provide tools and methods for researchers to easily and rapidly classify scientific documents or biomedical terms.

This application has been developed with the following goals :
  1. To speed up the process of information transfer from scientific literature to computationally exploitable data.
  2. To facilitate the comparison and the evaluation of dataset sets of biological documents. The definition of high quality reference datasets will in turn improve machine learning technique predictions.
  3. To allow researchers to define topic-specific databases.
  4. To serve, promote and facilitate community annotation efforts.

MyMiner application integrates several distinct tools and options which contributes to a better and easier classification.

Teams involved.

This application is the result of a collaborative work between Martin Krallinger from the CNIO (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas) Madrid SPAIN and David Salgado from ARMI (Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute) at Monash University Melbourne AUSTRALIA.

With the participation of :
Marc Depaule (IBDML).
Elodie Drula (IBDML).
Ashish Tendulkar (CNIO).

And the supervision of :
Alfonso Valencia (CNIO) and Christophe Marcelle(ARMI).

Citing MyMiner.

Please cite our work as following:
MyMiner: a web application for computer-assisted biocuration and text annotation.
Salgado D, Krallinger M, Depaule M, Drula E, Tendulkar A, Leitner F, Valencia A, Marcelle C.
Bioinformatics. 2012 Jul 12.
PMID: 22789588

Global view

Schematic representation of the MyMiner application.

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