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This form allows you to send us your feedback about the MyMiner application.
Your feedback is important for us. This will be the base of new tools and improvements in the coming months, regarding your needs.
Just, let us to know what you think, what you need to create a more adapted MyMiner.

This form is anonymous, but you can put your details if you want the credit of a new idea or suggestion.

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-1- What did you think globally about this application?
-2- Did you find this application easy to use?
-3- Which are the tool more suitable for you within the application ?
-4- Where did you heard about the MyMiner ?
-5- Which kind of tool in your opinion is lacking in the system?
-6- Do you think that the MyMiner can facilitate the translation between literature information into electronic annotation?
-7- If yes or no, why ?
-8- What do you think about the help and tutorial sections ?
-9- What in your opinion need improvement? (tools, functions,...)
-10- Suggestions or comments?
-11- Can you tell us anything else about your experience using the MyMiner application?